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With great joy and excitment we are proud to introduce you to our son!

April 23rd, 2010 | 12:31am  | 9 lbs 0 oz  | 19 in 

You can visit my Big Sister's website too --> www.SophiaKozman.com 







First Dodger Game


Hollywood Bowl

Opening weekday at the box office. LONG line but well worth the wait. First concert is Playboy Jazz Festival ;)
Flashback: 2 years ago Sophia stood in line 


Pure Joy



Lakers Youngest Fan

Santa Barbara County Fair




Sophia singing to Andrew 


Running at the park

Andrew's first time on the beach

Custom Baby Bjorn cover made by my friend Kelsey.  
Check out her website: www.MyLittleRoo.com




Sophia meet her brother for the very first time


 Hospital visitors